Motorcyclist killed in Manchester accident


January 07, 2016

A motorcyclist was killed in a traffic collision on the Kendal main road in Manchester yesterday.

Dead is 21-year-old Chanderpaul Mitchell of Chudleigh, Manchester.

His death comes against the background of 2015 statistics which show that motorcyclists were killed more frequently in road crashes than any other category of road users, including pedestrians.

The Kendal police say that about 7:30 a.m., Mitchell was driving a Jamco motorcycle along the roadway when he allegedly lost control of the vehicle. He crashed head on into a Toyota motor car. He was pronounced dead at hospital.

Investigators have also revealed that the deceased man was not wearing a helmet, the motorcycle had not been licensed since November 2014, and that it had been without a certificate of fitness since August of the same year.

Commenting on the incident, head of the Traffic Division Superintendent Calvin Allen said that the police have been appealing to persons to put safety first when using the nation's roadways.

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