Gully Bop's life threatened

January 08, 2016
Gully Bop

Following a heavily popularised domestic violence dispute chronicled in a series of videos between estranged dancehall couple Shauna Chin and Gully Bop, the saga has taken a new turn.

Now, threats have been made against Gully Bop's life by persons in Barbican, St Andrew.

In a video posted to social media recently, a group of men, who appeared to be between 18 and 25 years, candidly made threats against the artiste in response to a video he made, which included a number of disparaging remarks directed at men from their community.

Past associates

In Gully Bop's video, he made several remarks about a man from Barbican he believes his estranged girlfriend was involved with. He went on to berate several past associates from the community.

"She have two little idiot over Barbican round him (her) inna dark glass stand up inna corner like dem a bad man. Dem a batman. Batman alone inna batman gang," Gully Bop said.

This led to the posting of the video with the group of men lambasting the artiste. One making threats against his life, if he were to ever return to the community.

"Me want ketch you fi give you six box, [expletive]. That mi a tell you," said one man. "You can want style mi place, youth?"

"You can't style no man a Barbican nuh time," another chimed in.

Another added: "Any time you see me a road, click and you see wha gwaan. We a pow dem [expletive]. Buss head."

The Grants Pen police were not aware of the tape, but said the men implicated can be prosecuted.

"We have not received any reports of any such case," said a senior officer. "Once a citizen is in fear of their life, whether it be caught on video, or said in person, they are free to make a report."

Gully Bop's new manager, Karl Durrant, issued one stern warning to people attempting to intimidate the artiste.

"We just want to tell those youths one thing," he began. "Whatever these youths a think inna them brain, don't try it."

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