Threat offender found dead

January 08, 2016

A fifty-nine-year-old man was last night found dead at his home in Clarendon, just a day after he was reported to the police as a threat offender.


He has been identified as Dennis Temple of New Ground District, Chapelton.



Reports are that loud explosions were heard in the community and the police was summoned to area.


Temple was found lying on his left side on his bed with multiple wounds to the left side of his face.


Just this Wednesday, Temple was reported to the Chapelton police as a threat offender.


He reportedly threatened to 'chop up' and bury the body of  a 77-yr-old man who attempted to stop him from trespassing on his property.


The police have not confirmed if Temple's death is related in any way to the the report of threat made against him.

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