Garvey Maceo students injured after minibus overturns in May Pen

January 12, 2016

An accident along the Foga Main Road in Clarendon on Tuesday morning has left some fifteen students hospitalised with at least two reportedly in serious condition.


The accident involved a minibus transporting Garvey Maceo High students.


It's reported that the bus slammed into a Honda motor car and overturned after the driver tried to overtake a truck.


The students were taken to the May Pen hospital where the majority was reportedly treated for minor cuts and bruises.


Up to late Tuesday afternoon parents were turning up at the hospital enquiring about their children.

 The driver of the bus was also injured.


One student who was on the bus continued the journey to school but fainted upon her arrival and had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment.


The May Pen police are investigating the incident.

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