Several families homeless after fire


January 12, 2016
Contributed Fire personnel were busy going through the rubbles to figure out what caused the fire in Cantebury, St James on Sunday morning.

Several families are homeless after fire destroyed their homes in Canterbury, St James, on Monday morning. According to one resident who was affected by the fire, she thought the 5 a.m. blaze was the work of arsonists.

However, when contacted, the fire personnel were unable to give the cause of the fire. They were also uncertain about the estimated cost of the damage, but said it could be millions based on the numerous household items and furniture that were destroyed.

No one was injured in the blaze. The fire also affected three schoolchildren whose books and school uniforms were destroyed in the inferno. Several persons from various organisations and groups visited the scene promising food, clothing, and other supplies to help the fire victims restart their lives.

While THE STAR was on the scene, the fire victims were also presented with rice, flour and chicken parts.

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