Residents lament absence of photocopying machine at police station

January 13, 2016

A number of persons who have been to the Spanish Town Police Station to get their accident reports have expressed concerns about a non-functioning photocopying machine.

"This unbelievable after I went to the station to get an accident report, I was told that the machine is not working and that it has to be done at Sligoville Police Station," a visitor to the traffic department told THE STAR.

Although inconvenienced, the female was willing to take the 10-mile trip to the Sligoville Police Station.

She was subsequently told that there was vehicle to take her.

"Imagine that you have to pay $3,000 for each report, so why can't they purchase a machine? It is unacceptable, we operate a transport business and the lack of the report is hampering our progress," another disgruntled motorist said.

Checks with the Spanish Town Police Station revealed that the department has been without a photocopying machine for over a year and the absence of a working machine has negatively affected persons who go to the station to get reports for insurance and court purposes.

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