JNMS to disburse NHT refunds

January 25, 2016

Effective January 1, 2016, National Housing Trust (NHT) contributors will once again be able to collect their contribution refunds from JN Money Transfer outlets across Jamaica.

The service resumes after the NHT discontinued disbursing funds via money transfer agencies in April 2015.

"Subsequently, some contributors expressed concerns about losing the convenience to access refunds via money transfer agencies," explained Leesa Kow, General Manager at JN Money Services (JNMS), owners and operators of the JN Money Transfer brand.

"In response to these concerns the NHT has re-entered into arrangements with two money transfer agencies to remit refunds. Contributors will therefore be able once more, to access their refunds via the over 90 JN Money Transfer locations in Jamaica. In order to access this facility, a processing fee will be levied, which the contributor must accept before funds are made available," Kow added.

The contributor will be given the option of collecting their refund via a local commercial bank, JN Money Transfer Service, VM Money Transfer Service or NCB Prepaid Keycard. Once the JN Money Transfer option has been selected, the contributor will be required to confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions, including the processing fee.

Dr Lanie Oakley-Williams, Senior General Manager, Customer Relations Management at NHT, said the agency was happy to provide another option for disbursement.

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