Supreme Ventures announces first Lotto winner for 2016

January 25, 2016

Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) has announced  its first Lotto jackpot hit of the New Year.


The company has not yet released the name of the lucky Jamaican who won JMD$84 million, but disclosed that the ticket was bought at 5:35 pm last Saturday in Hanover.


The win came just a day after a St. Maarten citizen hit SVL's Super Lotto jackpot which was JA$260M or the St. Maarten equivalent of USD$2.17M.


"We are pleased to welcome a new player to the millionaire’s club," president and CEO of SVL, Brian George said in an official release.


"This is another historic jackpot achievement as it marks the first back-to-back jackpot hits for both Super Lotto and Lotto. Even more so, there are now winners who will be able to realize all of their dreams.” George continued.


Last November, SVL made changes to the Lotto game matrix, allowing players to select 6 numbers, between 1 and thirty-eight  for a jackpot hit. 


Before the change, players were allowed to choose 6 number between 1 and 32.


According to SVL, this change was made to increase players' chances of winning millions.


Jamaica's new Lotto winner has 90 days to claim the jackpot prize of $84 million.


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