Residents protest bad roads in Trelawny

January 26, 2016
Contributed Residents protest against bad roads Salt Marsh, Trelawny.

SALT MARSH, Trelawny:

Angry residents of Salt Marsh, Davis Pen, and Johnson Hill in Trelawny used tree trunks, old tyres, and other debris to block the main road in their communities in protest of the bad road conditions.

The blockage made the road impassable from around mid-morning until about midday yesterday. The road was blocked at various points for about a kilometre stretch, despite the presence of the police.

The protesters said their action came after repeated requests to the Trelawny Parish Council for the road to be repaired, even minor repairs, such as filling the potholes. Despite numerous requests, the roads remained the same.

In a statement, government councillor Phillip Service, in whose division the road falls, agreed with the residents.

"It (the repairs) have taken a little bit too long in my opinion, so I can understand the frustration of the residents. We are trying to get the minister, but he is actually in a meeting now," the councillor said.

Service has, however, differed the blame to the National Works Agency (NWA) to which he said that he has personally made representation to.

"It is really a main road so I have reported the matter to the NWA. They have advised that an estimate has been done on the road, and they are waiting approval by the NWA central office in Kingston," he added.

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