After phone is seized...Student sets school on fire!


January 27, 2016
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After phone is seized...Student sets school on fire!

The teaching staff of a prominent high school in St Ann was sent reeling after a female student threatened to offer sexual favours to a man as a reward to having a teacher killed, before attempting to set the institution on fire.

It's understood that a cellular phone belonging to a student who was sitting an examination yesterday was seized after it began to ring in the examination room.

The Star understands that after the phone was taken from her, the student left the classroom and started to rant and curse, verbally abusing the teacher for hours.

At the end of the school session, another female teacher who attempted to restore order, took a seat in a nearby office, when the student started labelling her as an 'informer'.

She accused the teacher of being an 'informer' since her arrival at the institution. "You a informer and all 'informer' fi dead," the student told the teacher.

brandished pair of scissors

Persons who were on the scene told The Star that while teachers were preparing to vacate the institution, the student brandished a pair of scissors and threatened the lives of both the director at the school and the teacher if her phone was not given to her.

"When the teachers refused to give in to her demand, the student began to set fire to sections of the school," said a witness.

The irate student would not let up. After one of the teachers who was in charge left the school premises and she realised that the phone would not be returned, the student reportedly went to the gate and started hurling threats, stating that she would be finding the female teacher at her home and she would be "sleeping with men" in order to have her killed.

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