INDECOM concerned about police gun salutes


January 29, 2016

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) says it is concerned about the high number of discharge-of-firearm incidents, or gun salutes, by members of the security forces.

In 2015, the commission received 145 reports of such incidents.

In comparison, there were 101 fatal firearm incidents and 68 non-fatal firearm injury incidents reported by members of the security forces last year.

According to Senior Public Relations Officer at INDECOM Kahmile Reid, the reports have sparked the commission to launch an investigation into the practice.


The commission has examined 90 of the 145 reports received by the commission for 2015.

Of the 90, there were 24 reports of shots being fired in the air.

Fifty-five were reported as firing at alleged gunmen, and of this number, 10 occurred while chasing a suspect.

There were 14 reports of members of the security forces firing after fleeing motor vehicles. Seventeen were by off-duty officers and two arose from intervening in crowd control.

In four cases, reports indicate that the police accounts of the incidents were strongly refuted.

Meanwhile, INDECOM had also noted a rise in shooting incidents involving off duty police officers last year.

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