Teachers fired for fighting in front principal


January 29, 2016

Two male teachers were fired from a prominent high school in central Jamaica after they became embroiled in a fist fight in front of the principal and some students recently.

The two were physical education (PE) teachers.

THE WEEKEND STAR has learned that the incident occurred while the principal was having prayers with some students.

It is unclear what triggered the brawl, but an eyewitness told THE WEEKEND STAR that it started while a parent was consulting one of the PE teachers. The other teacher was apparently upset about something that was said during the consultation, causing the situation to escalate.

"It was very disrespectful. It was just out of order. The insults were being hurled while everyone, including the principal, were there. That makes it even worse," the eyewitness said.

power struggle

It is further understood that this is not the first falling out between the two teachers as there had been a quarrel between them previously, arising from a power struggle in their department.

The two, who reportedly knocked fists during the recent brawl, were reprimanded by the school's principal.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that the situation was so bad that even students had to cry shame on the educators and reprimanded them as well. It is understood that they are individuals who are popular among the student population.

The fracas was subsequently reported to the board of management, resulting in the teachers being suspended immediately and then fired.

The school's principal confirmed the incident, saying: "Their services were terminated. The board examined the circumstances surrounding the situation and took a decision that they felt was appropriate."

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