Landlord's bail extended


February 01, 2016

A man accused of breaching the Rent Restrictions Act had his bail extended when he appeared before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court last week.

He is Hector Pinnock, who pleaded not guilty.

The Crown alleged that Pinnock disconnected his tenant's water and electricity. The tenant moved into the premises last July.

When asked by Senior Resident Magistrate (RM) Judith Pusey as to whether there was any truth to the claims, Pinnock said: "What really happened, I rent this lady the premises on the 23rd of July and she only pay two months' rent."


Since then, he explained, the complainant incurred $60,000 in outstanding rent and roughly $13,000 in unpaid electricity bills. As a result, he was forced to ask the complainant to vacate the premises. This is presumably why the accused man was disgruntled, resulting in his alleged move to cut utilities so as to eject the tenant.

"This has been happening repeatedly since he gave me a notice to leave," the complainant told the court. "The police came on numerous occasions."

"The covenant of quiet enjoyment," Pusey explained to Pinnock, "means when you rent somewhere to someone, you can't make them uncomfortable."

This property rule of law implies that a landlord ought not to interfere with the tenant's possession or the quiet enjoyment of the property by way of a total eviction, partial eviction or constructive eviction.

The sitting magistrate subsequently ordered Pinnock, who had his bail extended, to return to court on March 3 for trial.


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