Tuberculosis case confirmed at Spanish Town lock-up

February 03, 2016

There are growing concerns as a case of the deadly tuberculosis has been confirmed at the Spanish Town lock-up in St Catherine.

This has resulted in the hospitalisation of one prisoner, and has led to growing concerns in the St Catherine North Police Division.

It is reported that the inmate's illness caused a panic among members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), some of whom were in contact with prisoner.

"There are personnel who guard him. This is done without the required protection to cover hands and face, so this is cause for concern," a member of the JCF said.

Checks with the Spanish Town police confirmed the case of tuberculosis, however, the police stressed that there are plans to address the issue.

"We are aware of the problems and have contacted the Ministry of Health to address the problem that exist at the cells. As to ease the fear, the cells will have to be examined," the senior lawman said.


He said that in addition to the confirmed case, there were five other inmates who showed symptoms of tuberculosis. However, tests later proved that this was not the case.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that personnel are now working with gloves, masks, and other gears for protection from the disease.

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