Death of Jamaican national ruled as accidental


February 05, 2016

Despite initial reports that a Jamaican national may have died as a result of foul play, the case is now being ruled as an accidental death by Wyoming, United States, authorities.

The body of Aldane Mullings was first found by the Teton County Sheriff's Office, who treated the investigation as a homicide. As the investigation continued and a preliminary autopsy was done, it was discovered that Mullings had died from hypothermia due to exposure.

According to reports, Mullings reportedly left a location at approximately 12:30 a.m. in a taxi with a friend en route to a hotel, but he was unable to secure a room for the night.

belligerent manner

It is said that he got a ride from the friend and planned to stay the night, but Mullings is said to have been acting in belligerent manner. As a result, the friend let him out of the vehicle with no coat, hat or gloves.

Mullings' body was reported at approximately 6:28 a.m. on January 23, by a passing motorist thereafter.

His body reportedly sustained superficial injuries which played no part in his death. A post-mortem report stated that Mullings died of hypothermia due to exposure.

- B.B.

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