Dying man's testimony leads to arrest


February 09, 2016

A St Catherine man is now facing a charge of murder after a victim gave a dying declaration to a witness the he had stabbed him.

Dead is Orane 'Big Wheel' Archer of Troja district, St Catherine. Charged with murder is Michael Harris, a labourer from Facey district in Troja.

When Harris appeared in the Linstead Resident Magistrate's Court recently, attorney-at-law Earl Hamilton told the court that his client was innocent and was a fit candidate for bail.

Resident Magistrate Lyle Armstrong told the lawyer that the accused man's alternative address needed to be verified. He was subsequently remanded until February 15, 2016 when the matter will again be mentioned.

Allegations are that on December 20, 2015 about 2 a.m., Archer was seen in a pool of blood by a witness. When the man touched him, Archer told him that it was Harris that had stabbed him. Archer later succumbed to his injuries.

A report was made to the police and following an investigation led by Detective Constable Jimmy Barnett, Harris was taken into police custody. He was later charged with murder.


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