Naked women fight for gambling money


February 12, 2016

Two women, who stripped down to their underwear to go to blows, have left a community in Clarendon in shock and amusement.

The incident, which occurred recently, is reportedly as a result of one woman accusing the other of robbing her 'drop hand' winnings.

Residents of the community, who spoke with The Weekend Star, said one of the women sold drop hand, which is an illegal cash pot operation.

"She win off a $50 play, but di woman weh run di 'Japan' never want give her what she win because she say she didn't write it down because she did owe her," a man related to our reporter.

An argument developed because the woman denied owing the drop hand operator any money and demanded the money she allegedly won.

"As the argument developed, one diss the other bottom jaw and she tek off her shorts and say no donkey no bite her," he explained.

The argument, which reportedly took place on a road, became even more heated and, as insults were hurled about each other's body, they removed their clothes to show evidence to counter the insults.

physical encounter

A fist fight ensued between them briefly when they were just down to their underwear, but some men in the community stopped the physical encounter before either woman was injured.

The two have reportedly made peace with each other since the incident, but the winnings for the drop hand has still not been handed over.

"It turn out that she did owe her enough for it to squits, so dem embarrass themselves fi nutten," one resident declared in a bemused tone.

The WEEKEND Star also spoke with the mother of one of the women who were involved in the brawl.

She expressed disgust at their behaviour and told us that she was the one who called the men to end the fight.

"It no good for women to behave like that, especially because one of them has daughters. They should do better in settling arguments," she said.

The 55-year-old said she has lectured her daughter repeatedly since the public fracas because the incident has left her embarrassed.

"Me shame a her; never knew my child could do something like that. People no stop come to me bout it," she added.

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