Release the reserves - JDF appeals to employers

February 15, 2016

The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) is imploring employers to release employees who are members of the Jamaica National Reserves so that they can help in the general elections.

The JDF made the appeal in press advertisements, saying that the soldiers would be needed from February 13 to 28.

"It's in preparation for the elections, you know. We're going to be at full strength. Actually, we start preparing from now, so we want to get the reserves in to see how many soldiers we actually have at our disposal," civil military corporation and media affairs officer at the JDF Major Basil Jarrett, said.

Jarrett told The Star that the reserves would be required to carry out a number of functions.

"Well, they'll be expected to be a part of the overall JDF contribution to the election, which is securing polling stations, seeing to it that nobody is being intimidated, securing ballot boxes and counting stations - that sort of thing. They will be a part of the general use of the JDF," he said.


Jarrett said that he could not give an exact figure as to how many reserves the JDF was looking to utilise, but he said that the army welcomed the full compliments.

"Reserves are a little bit different. We don't know because we don't (usually) get all of them. We don't get all the reserves, for whatever reason.

"As you know, it's a volunteer thing, not really volunteer, but it's on an availability basis and whether or not there are employers who will give them the time off, so we're looking to get as much as possible.

"We really need the employers to make them available and make some special consideration," Jarrett said.

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