Woman speechless after $M win


February 16, 2016
Contributed Kris Kash giveaway winners from left, Joseph Chow (winner of $250,000), Patricia Martin Robinson (Grand Prize winner of $1M) and Andrea Douglas winner of $50,000.

A long-sought debt-consolidation loan became more than a financial solution for secretary Patricia Martin Robinson, the grand prize winner in the Kris An Charles Kris Kash giveaway competition.

"This prize has to be the result of all my prayers because I never won anything in my life. I prayed day and night for God to show me a light at the end of my dark tunnel," said Robinson. "I've made some unfortunate financial decisions over the last couple of years. Kris An Charles helped me to get my finances organised with their debt-consolidation loan last year. It was such a relief only having one low payment to make monthly instead of payments all over the place, and now, I win $1million. It's just too much at once for me."

Judith Hutchinson, Kris An Charles' chief financial officer, is happy that the company's products and competitions have had such positive impacts on the lives of their customers. "We congratulate Mrs Robinson as well as all the other winners in the Kris Kash giveaway competition. Nothing is more gratifying than knowing our customers are happy. We are not only here to provide the best loan options. We also reward the loyalty of our clients," she said.

grand prize

The competition, launched on October 1, 2015, saw more than 30 customers winning various monthly cash and other prizes. the promotion ended on December 31, 2015, and was open to customers borrowing, to $100,000 or more. In addition the awarding of the grand prize, consolation prizes of $250,000 and $50,000 were awarded to Joseph Chow and Andrea Douglas respectively.

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