National Cleanup Day for St Catherine tomorrow

February 19, 2016
A garbage dump in a section of Old Braeton, St Catherine, that had been cleaned at the height of the chik-V outbreak.

Three communities Old Braeton and Reeds Pen in Portmore and Rivoli in Spanish Town, St Catherine will be the focus of the National Clean-up Day activities tomorrow. The Ministry of Health?s (MOH) initiative, dubbed ?Operation Mosquito Search and Destroy?, was officially launched on Wednesday at the St Jago Park Health Centre in Spanish Town.

Although this National Clean-up Day will focus on three main areas, every Jamaican is being asked to actively and consistently search for and destroy mosquito breeding sites. The focus is also to have everyone gather bulky waste for removal by the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).

Chief Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health Dr Winston De La Haye said that the National Cleanup Day activities will be done ?with the support of our national response team which comprises the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM), the NSWMA, JEEP, JDF, JCF, parish councils, Social Development Commission (SDC), Ministry of Education, among many others.?

Patrick Watson, SDC national planning coordinator, said that he is ?urging other agencies to help get the message out and get the message accepted by communities?.

De La Haye said that ?this is a multi-departmental affair as no one ministry is able to address the situation, and more importantly, it?s a preventable illness because if you don?t get bitten, you can?t get ill.?

De La Haye added that there would be other National Clean-up Day activities in other parishes.

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