February 20, 2016

A St Catherine man who refused to give another a smoke off his ganja spliff had to run for his life after being attacked and stoned.

The incident resulted in Ricardo Brown being charged with threatening the complainant's life and assault at common-law.

The incident occurred on Monday about 5:30 p.m. in an area called High Gate in Above Rocks district, St Catherine.


Reports are that Brown approached the complainant and requested a smoke off the spliff. The man reportedly told him that if he was a woman he could get his joint, but he could not get his spliff "like that" because "mi nuh love man."

Brown reportedly left and returned after armed with a machete. He allegedly chased and threatened to kill the man who jumped into a gully and managed to escape unhurt despite a barrage of stones being flung at him.

A report was made to the Above Rocks Police Station, and following investigations, Brown was charged. He is to appear in the Linstead Resident Magistrate's Court on Wednesday.

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