Portia vows to deal with shooter at PNP meeting

February 23, 2016
Injured female being lifted following stampede at PNP meeting (Gladstone Taylor/Photographer)

President of The People's National Party (PNP), Portia Simpson Miller has vowed to find the person who fired a shot at the party's mass meeting at the Portia Simpson Miller Square in her St Andrew South West constituency Tuesday night.

"I am going to find out who did it. It doesn't matter what constituency them come from I'll deal with it," she told the hundreds of supporters who remained.

A number of supporters left the venue while others received injuries from the stampede that took place following the shooting.

The shooting temporarily halted the mass meeting but Simpson Miller urged the Comrades to stand their ground.

After ending her presentation, Simpson Miller  urged the police to investigate the incident.

"No evil that rise up against us shall prosper," Simpson Miller said.

She also said it appeared that someone wanted the PNP to resemble the "other" people.

That was a reference to the recent shooting at a Jamaica Labour Party meeting in Sam Sharpe Square, St James in which three people died.

The police in Three Miles said one shot was fired and there was no report of injuries from the shooting.


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