Canterbury shooting gang related - McGregor


February 24, 2016
Steve McGregor

The St James police say a gang feud and not partisan rivalry led to the shooting injury of four people in the volatile Canterbury community on Monday night.

Head of the Division, Senior Superintendent, Steve McGregor, is warning political representatives not to make any statement that could suggest it was politically motivated.

He says information shows that the shooting is linked to a feud between residents of Albion Lane and Dallas.

No suspect

The four were shot in a drive-by shooting which is the third such incident that has taken place in Canterbury since late last year. No suspect has been identified in the shooting.

The police say about 7:30 last night, a group of people were at a bar along King Street in Canterbury when a silver vehicle reportedly drove by and opened fire on the patrons. Four were shot.

Two remain in serious condition.

Meanwhile, SSP McGregor is seeking to assure that adequate security will be in place to ensure a smooth voting process during the general election tomorrow.

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