JCF against use of cops' images in campaigning


February 24, 2016
Commissioner of Police Dr Carl Williams

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is voicing its dissent against a series of viral images bearing the photographs of JCF officers that have been fashioned into campaign paraphernalia for the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP).

The photograph - taken by the JCF's Corporate Communication Unit and posted on the JCF's official Facebook page in 2012 - has been manipulated to present the impression that the five on-duty officers, and by extension the JCF, are a part of the JLP's campaign machinery.

Police Commissioner Dr Carl Williams condemns the use of these images, and explicitly notes that the JCF categorically distances itself from these images and their designer.

"The creation and publication of these images in no way defines the political position of the organisation or the officers in question.

"As a defender of the country's democratic process, the JCF remains a neutral body, neither having nor expressing affiliation to any political party.

"Our official and primary role during this period is to support the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) in its administration of the general election," he said.

"The use of our police officers in this fashion is an unfortunate and deceitful act. It places these five officers, who did not authorise the use of their photographs in this manner, in an uncomfortable position and at risk of unnecessary negative attention, especially during this emotionally charged period."

The Police High Command also stressed that all police officers should desist from overt expressions of support for one party or another.

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