Toddler's throat slashed, uncle arrested

February 24, 2016

The uncle of an one year-old child was taken into custody yesterday, after the infant was found dead with his throat slashed.

The child has been identified as Jemeko Grant of Ashly district in Glengoffe, St Catherine

The Glengoffe police said that about 7 a.m. the uncle, who is a Bellevue out-patient, was at home with relatives and the child. He reportedly told one of the relative he was going outside, but his behaviour arose suspicion.

Their worst fear was realised when the later went outside and found the lifeless body of Grant with the throat slashed. The body, the police said, was covered with a bag the suspect had when he was leaving the house.

The police said investigations indicate that the uncle had been making threats earlier and was a constant problem in the area. He was subsequently arrested on suspicion of murder of the infant.

The name of the accused who is being withheld pending further investigations.

The has reportedly left the rural farming community in shock and sadness.

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