Dazerine Clarke – Voting For 55 Years

February 25, 2016

Christopher Thomas, Gleaner Writer

Despite being sickly and wheelchair-bound, 74-year-old Dazerine Clarke of Dumfries, East Central St. James, still exercised her constitutional right to vote this morning at the Dumfries community centre.

Clarke, who has been a constant voter for the last 55 years, said she was released from hospital two weeks ago, "so I am not so strong, but I am still coming (to vote)".

Born in the Eden Vale community of the parish in 1941, Clarke asserts that she was a self-described fighter in spite of her willowy frame. She has however, she has seen several shifts in societal norms over the years.

“Growing up, you could go here and there, you could walk anywhere and nobody would trouble you. People tried to trouble me, but I grew up as a fighter-girl … but things have changed now,” said Clarke, who has been an enduring member of the Pentecostal faith for many years.

“When I was young, things were much better. Only one thing I have seen improving here (in Dumfries), and it is that the population got bigger,” she said.

The senior citizen had sage words of advice for Jamaica’s political leaders.

“Try to help the poorer class. The political leaders are supposed to help the poor, not the rich,” Clarke said resolutely.


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