February 25, 2016

With Jamaicans going to the polls today to determine which party will form the Government for the next five years, big bets are being placed on the outcome of the 17th General Elections.

THE STAR understands that wagers are being made for who will win particular seats and which party will come out as the ruling party.

Our news team has learnt that illegal betting has been taking place in a community located along Maxfield Avenue in St Andrew. THE STAR spoke to Errol Allen* who has shunned the official routes offering election bets, opting instead to place his bid via the illegal method.

"Right now a some big money a bet enuh. It serious, mi a tell yuh. Man a bet $10,000 say PNP ago win. Even though a majority PNP come from bout ya, yuh have man a put up say JLP ago win the seat," he said.

THE STAR was also informed that bets ranging from $15,000 to $20,000 are being made on the overall outcome of the elections.

Allen said, "The ting get sweeter cause man a bet dem last. Yuh a go find nuff people hungry after this election."

When asked if he knew betting in such a manner was against the law, Allen scoffed at the idea.

"All the politicians dem break di law sometimes, so a nuh nothing if we the small man try off a little election bet," he said.

The betting fever was also the talk in a section of Cassava Piece in St Andrew.

Wendy Wilson said, "We jus a enjoy wiself and watch the outcome. You have people inna di place weh say one thing, and some who say the other, so everybody a place dem bet. We bet on constituency and we bet on the overall outcome."

She also told THE STAR that bets range from $1,000 to $5,000 as people in her area were not willing to go overboard on one-day election bets, as life will go on after the elections.

*Names changed

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