Digicel launches Fiji donation line


February 29, 2016
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Digicel is calling on its customers across the region to show their support for those affected in Fiji by Cyclone Winston with the launch of its #TogetherforFiji text donation line.

The Fiji Islands were recently hit by the southern hemisphere's worst cyclone in recorded history. With winds of over 300 kilometres, the category five cyclone caused unprecedented destruction nationwide. A number of people lost their lives and properties as a result.

Digicel has launched a text donation line, which will see the funds raised by the campaign go towards helping relief and recovery efforts.

Digicel is using its social media pages to encourage customers throughout the region to come together for Fiji, and show their support for their wider Pacific family with a donation. Customers in Jamaica can instantly make a donation by texting the word "donate" to 444-2452. Each text message costs $25.

Digicel Jamaica CEO, David Butler, said; "Everyone has a part to play in helping our Fijian friends get back on their feet after a devastation like this. Individually, we are not able to do much, but if everyone chips in, it will all add up to a substantial amount. So I'm encouraging everyone to make a donation so that we can help those families who have lost their homes, businesses and everything to get through this tough time".

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