From husband to helper - Spouse reduced to maid duties after court ruling

March 02, 2016

From husband to helper

Spouse reduced to maid duties after court ruling

Residents of a St Catherine community have been left in shock after they discovered that a highly reputed man from the area has had his 'status' reduced from that of a husband to that of live-in helper at his own home.

Reports are that the man was dragged before the court by his wife recently, and a ruling was made against him that he should vacate the premises.

However, after his things were thrown from the matrimonial home, he begged and beseeched to stay at the house.

He was allowed back at the dwelling, but this time not as a husband. Instead, he now plays the role of a domestic partner who cleans and washes everything, including his wife's undergarments and other private items of clothing.

Residents say the matter is really a sad turn of events as the St Catherine man was once looked upon highly in the community and now he is seen as a shadow of his former self.

"Yes, man! Him affi wash every piece of clothes if him want to stay, and if him refuse she bad him up and run him out on the street," one amazed resident revealed to THE STAR.

"Is a good yute but him soft, and that's why the woman a tek advantage of him," another resident said.

The residents are of the view that the man needs to find a way of getting out of his predicament and retake his manly position in the community or get out of the area altogether.

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