Bus driver imprisoned for schoolboy's death

March 04, 2016

Former St Catherine bus driver Jermaine Morrison was sentenced in the Home Circuit Court to 12 months hard labour for causing death by dangerous driving.

Morrison, 29, from Waterford, pleaded guilty on January 15 to causing the death of Lennox Lloyd, 15, who attended Ascot High School in Portmore.

Morrison was charged following an incident on March 12, 2012, along Passagefort Drive, Portmore, when a bus he was driving was signalled to stop by members of the police and the Transport Authority.


He disobeyed and sped away on to West Trade Way where the vehicle got out of control and overturned. This resulted in the death of Lloyd and the injury of a number of other students. Morrison ran away from the scene, but later surrendered to the Portmore police.

Investigation by Sergeant Max Burgher resulted in Morrison being charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

Justice Lorna Shelly-Williams told the accused that he should have obeyed the signal to stop.

Shelly-Williams said that she was considering giving Morrison a sentence of at least three years' imprisonment, but since he already spent nine months in custody, he received only 12 months.

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