Health department closes supermarket

March 04, 2016

The St Catherine Health Department on Wednesday ordered the immediate closure of the Sweet Deal Supermarket and Wholesale in the parish due to unsanitary conditions.

According to chief public health inspector for St Catherine, Richard Baker, it is standard procedure for business that flout the Public Health Act to be ordered closed.

"It is our duty to maintain high health and sanitary standards throughout St Catherine. We intend to continue the drive so that the public is safe from unacceptable standard," Baker said.

He confirmed that the place was closed due to unsanitary conditions. "There was roach infestation problem and we removed the goods from the establishment for dumping purposes. It will remain closed until it is approved for reopening," Baker said.

The closure was ordered about 1 p.m. The occasion saw trucks laden with food items taken from the 24a Wellington Street address.

It was revealed that the items would be disposed of as they are not fit for human consumption.

As a result of the closure more than 12 persons are out of work.

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