More chances to win with Cash Pot 'Inch'


March 04, 2016
Brian George, CEO of Supreme Ventures Limited.

Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) has announced that Cash Pot players now have two more chances to win with the Cash Pot Inch promotion that will run until April 2.

This novel promotion gives players two extra chances to win the Cash Pot game, with the addition of two 'inch' numbers to their selected Cash Pot number - the number before and the number after the chosen number. For example, if the Cash Pot number selected is 25, the 'inch' numbers would be 24 and 26.

To participate in the promotion, players must place a minimum bet of $50 on their selected Cash Pot number(s) plus an extra $10 or more on the 'inch' numbers. A player will win $130 for every $10 bet if the lottery draws the 'inch' number. If the selected Cash Pot number is drawn, the player will win $260 for every $10 bet.

Excited about the Cash Pot Inch and Win promotion, Brian George, president and CEO of SVL, said, "Supreme Ventures is thrilled to offer our loyal players more chances to win with Cash Pot Inch. Cash Pot is everyone's favourite game, now made better with two more chances to win. This is our way of thanking our loyal customers for their continuous support."

The Cash Pot Inch Promotion began on February 28 and will end on April 2.

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