The 18-member Andrew Holness-led Cabinet has been sworn in

March 07, 2016
Ricardo Makyn/ Photographer
Ricardo Makyn/Photographer
Ricardo Makyn/Photographer

The 18-member Andrew Holness-led Cabinet has been sworn in at King’s House.

The ministers were sworn in a short while ago.

See full list below:

1. Andrew Holness – Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Economic Growth and Job Creation
2. Dr Horace Anthony Chang – Minister Without Portfolio (OPM)
3. Daryl Wesley Phillip Vaz – Minister Without Portfolio (OPM)
4. Derrick Smith – Minister Without Portfolio (OPM)
5. Audley Fitz-Albert Shaw – Finance and Public Service
6. Robert Montague – National Security
7. Delroy Aubyn Chuck – Justice
8. Dr Christopher Charles Tufton – Health
9. Karl Samuda  - Industry, Commerce and Agriculture
10. William James Charles Hutchinson – Industry, Commerce and Agriculture (Minister without Portfolio)
11. Lester Mike Henry – Transport and Mining
12. Shahine Elizabeth Robinson – Labour and Social Security
13. Olivia Atavia Grange – Entertainment, Sports, Culture and Gender Affairs
14. Dr Andrew O’Brian Wheatley – Energy, Science and Technology
15. Edmund Curtis Bartlett – Tourism
16. Desmond McKenzie – Minister of Local Government
17. Senator Ruel Bankroft Reid – Education, Youth and Information
18. Senator Kamina Elizabeth Johnson-Smith – Foreign Affairs

1. Fayval Williams – Finance and Public Service
2. Pearnel Charles Jnr – National Security
3. Floyd Green – Education, Youth and Information
4. Ruddy Spencer – Minister Finance and Public Service

Marlene Patricia Malahoo Forte

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