Monthend pay for Election Day Workers


March 09, 2016
Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer Orette Fisher

The Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) says Election Day Workers (EDWs) and suppliers in last month's general election will be paid by the end of March.

The EOJ says it has commenced processing payments for well over 60,000 payees, including presiding officers, poll clerks, supervisors, polling station security assistants, indoor agents, property-managers, haulage contractors and handymen).

Director of Elections, Orrette Fisher, highlighted the importance of paying the workers in a timely manner, and noted that the Electoral Office is cognisant of the fact that most of the payees would have incurred some personal costs in relation to the elections.

full-scale recruitment

"We appreciate the services of the EDWs who have been engaged in the process since late last year when we embarked on a full-scale recruitment and training exercise. We know that having been through this process, they are now looking forward to their compensation so we are making a marked attempt to have all payments finalised," he said.

Fisher gave special commendation to the workers for their satisfactory performance. "I am satisfied with the effort that they made and with the election that they delivered to the country. Their task was not an easy one, but I believe they performed with distinction. The contribution of each of the workers played a key role in staging a successful election," he said.

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