No drivers' licence for a year

March 11, 2016

A teenager who plead guilty to driving a motorcar without a driver's licence has been disqualified from getting a driver's permit for a year.
Resident Magistrate Primo Griffiths barred  Devon Green, 19, from upgrading from a learner's licence when he appeared in the Traffic Court on Thursday.

Devon Green was fined for driving without a licence and insurance papers.

The court was told that Green was caught driving a motor vehicle on February  29 in St. Thomas. He was unable to produce documents for the motor vehicle after being stopped by the cops.

Green's mother, who addressed the court, said he has a learner's licence but it was at her home in Portland.

The police told the court that Green had been advised to  produce the learner's licence in his court appearance.

Resident Magistrate Griffiths fined Green $10,000 or two months imprisonment for driving without a licence and $2,000 or two  months imprisonment for neglecting to produce insurance papers.

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