Youth and Gender overhyped in politics- Damion Crawford

March 11, 2016

With the exclusion of persons like Damion Crawford and Raymond Pryce from the recently announced opposition senate, many are taking to social media to express their disappointment at what they believe is an attempt to sideline youth.

"My party has certainly lost it. The party that has long been pro-youth has lost it. Wheel and come again! This is not a good look," one social media user wrote.

But Crawford, who many were rooting for, holds a different view.

"There is an over exaggeration of the quality that youth brings. I mean age is not a defining factor as far as I'm concerned. If you old and capable so be it, if you're young and incapable so be it. The person with the decision thinks that the older persons are more capable, then it's just that," Crawford told the STAR Online.

For him, it is not the age that is important but the ability to carry out assigned tasks.

"I don't think that the young automatically carries with them any great benefit and I don't think the old automatically carries with them any benefit. It's just like I don't think gender carries any great benefit either. The person's intent, capacity and interest is all that I am concerned about," he said.


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