Killer of Megamart employee still at large

March 15, 2016

Following the killing of Nicholas Beadle at the hands of alleged homosexuals last month, police say they have yet to make any breakthroughs in bringing the still-at-large perpetrator to justice.

Beadle, 27, was stabbed to death while on his way home from work on February 25 as he navigated through a path in the vicinity of West King’s House road. He died while receiving treatment in the hospital.

The deceased man’s family is now waiting for an arrest with a heavy heart, and hoping police find his assailants.

“My son died, and now you hear them saying they are stepping up security,” said the victim’s father. “That not helping me again! I already have my loss. This is one of our biggest losses.”

No motive for the attack appears to be that of robbery.

“He was very promising. He said he was planning to work for one year because he wanted the experience,” the deceased’s mother added. “I don’t know how am going to live with it,”

Up to late yesterday, the police assured that they were hot on the trail of those who carried out the heinous crime.
Investigations continue.

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