MARKED FOR DEATH *Convicted Black Roses member seeks asylum in US

March 15, 2016

n Convicted Black Roses member seeks asylum in US

An imprisoned member of the infamous Black Roses Crew, Carlos Ricardo Henry, who is scheduled to be released from prison by the Arizona Department of Corrections on May 16, is begging the United States government not to send him back to Jamaica.

Henry, who is also known as Dancer, was convicted in March 2014 for misconduct involving weapons. He had previously been convicted on a ganja charge.

He has told the authorities that he could be killed if he is deported to Jamaica.

Kim Henry, wife of the convicted man, said her husband is a 'marked' man and it is best if he is reunited with his family in the United States.

necessary documents

"During his time in the crew, he usually danced along with Bogle and Ice. Look what has happened to them. We don't want him to be killed, and if he returns, he will be killed," Henry said.

It was revealed that the former Palm Beach Florida resident is serving his time at the 1601 West Jefferson Phoenix Arizona 85001 facility with the hope that he will be granted the wish of those close to him.

Joseph Thudekoos of the law firm Maney and Gordon, with offices at 6200 Lee Fiesta Boulevard, Suite 300, Orlando, Florida, said the necessary documents have been filed to seek asylum for the 39-year-old Jamaican. He said that the case is being treated as a priority.

The Black Roses Crew was formed in 1990, along Lincoln Avenue, Kingston 13.

Flamboyant dancers Gerald 'Bogle' Levy and David Alexander Smith, popularly known as Ice, as well as community don William 'Willie Haggart' Moore were among its most popular members.

Moore was murdered in 2001, Levy in 2005 and Smith in 2008.

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