Spiritual leader guilty of sexual assault

March 17, 2016

A St Catherine man who professed to be a spiritual leader was made $150,000 poorer after he was found guilty in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's Court of sexually assaulting one of his would-be clients.

He is Travis Barton, 39, unemployed from Ewarton. After the conclusion of the case, Barton was fined $150,000 or six months' hard labour for indecent assault.

The Crown led evidence that in 2014, the complainant was walking along the McGrath main road in St Catherine when the accused approached her and told her he can cure her sinus, asthma and pneumonia. He convinced her to accompany him to his home.

The complainant complied and when they reached, he lured her inside, where he fondled her and kissed her on her nipples. It was revealed that the female managed to escape and fled to the nearby Ewarton Police Station where she reported her ordeal.

An investigation was launched by District Constable Lloyd McCrae which resulted in Barton being charged.

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