Female artistes consider... Surgery for sexier body

March 18, 2016
Danielle DI
Macka Diamond

Some of Jamaica's entertainers have come out in support of women who go under the knife to enhance their bodies.

Chin Chin, formerly called Shauna Chin, said she would enhance her assets through surgery, arguing that women in the entertainment industry are under the spotlight and should be free to change any part of their bodies.

"Me woulda move some fat from my belly to my hips and butt because me chiney bottom woulda do it and mad Mr Tracey (Gully Bop)," Chin told The WEEKEND STAR. "Women see things with their bodies they don't like and if people are looking at you everyday then I would definitely tell them to get it done if they can afford it."

Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett's revelation of her heavily busted photos on social media has sent tongues wagging and led to wild speculation about whether her boobs have been enhanced.


Plastic surgeries in Jamaica can cost more than half a million dollars for breast jobs. Similarly, a Brazilian butt lift procedure starts at US$4,500 (J$594,000).

Although claiming that she would not get plastic surgery done, Chin Chin said she would get fat reduction for her stomach. She cautioned against getting plastic surgery done by doctors that are not credible.

Macka Diamond, 45, said she considered getting her breast size increased some six years ago but was discouraged by a friend. "When me think back on it, me cah imagine being sixty with wrinkles and have tiff breasts," she joked.

It has been estimated that 25 percent of women who get breasts implants will need another surgery after 10 years.

Another female artiste, Danielle DI, said she has considered getting plastic surgery. "I would get plastic surgery but it would be after I got some children," she said.

The Rebel hitmaker, believes women in the entertainment industry have gone under the knife many times but have not gone public with it.

"Me sure nuff a dem get work done but they don't have to come out and talk because it's nobody's business," she said.

But deejay Gage said he would only date a woman who has been enhanced surgically for a short period. He said would not get into a relationship with someone who had plastic surgery because of the possible side effects of the procedure.

"If me love somebody, me no want nuttin happen to them and the health issues that come with plastic surgery serious so wouldn't settle down with her," he said.

Comedian Dutty Berry differed. He had no issues being with such a woman. "As long as she is attractive, that's the end all. The way she came about it doesn't matter to me," said Berry.

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