Thwaites buys old vehicle from Govt


March 18, 2016

Former Education minister Ronnie Thwaites, has been sold the 2009 Mitsubishi Pajero which was assigned to him.

Thwaites, in confirming the purchase, said the vehicle was old and "virtually unserviceable". He, however, said he could not recall how much he paid for the vehicle.

Checks with various government entities yesterday failed to produce details on the sale of government vehicles to ministers.

official statement

The Office of the Prime Minister said an official statement on the issue was being prepared.

Prime Andrew Holness has directives that no government motor vehicle is to be sold to former ministers.

The Portia Simpson Miller administration spent more than J$60 million to provide some of its ministers with new high-end vehicles. The new vehicles had to be purchased as members of the previous government opted to purchase the vehicles to which they were assigned.

Yesterday, Thwaites said the SUV "was offered to me". He was not assigned a new vehicle when he took office in January 2012.

"I took over one of the ones that the JLP had and I insisted that no new vehicle be bought for me. When the vehicle became virtually unserviceable and had done its time, the ministry of finance wrote and I paid the tariff under the condition that I continue to use it until the end of my tenure which I did," Thwaites explained.

Thwaites said he bought the vehicle some nine months ago.

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