Police and residents clash over sewage

March 21, 2016

The police and residents of North Street in Kingston clashed at the site of a raw sewage leakage which has been frustrating residents of 15 North Street and neighbours for quite some time, THE STAR understands.

The police arrived at the scene at 11:10 a.m and began clearing old refrigerators and other instruments used by the residents to block the main road, which was reduced to single lane traffic.

Several residents shouted at the police for removing the blockage.

“Officer unuh wouldn’t live in deh… a di only way fi send a message to the authorities. Look from when dem say dem ago come fix the problem and all now," a resident said.

THE STAR was on the scene an observed the team of officers removing the blockage while the resident stood at bay.

One of the officers told the residents not to block the government roads or else somebody will be prosecuted.

The resident told THE STAR that they have been experiencing the problem for several years. 

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