Chuck wants old cases dumped from court system


March 22, 2016
Delroy Chuck

If Justice Minister Delroy Chuck has his way, persons who are before the court for five years and more will walk free.

Chuck said judges should move to dismiss all cases that are in the system for five years and more by the end of 2016.

"I would urge that this year, those cases, unless there are reasonable grounds for them continuing, should be dismissed for want of prosecution. It is just not fair that any accused person, even if he is guilty, has to be going to court for five years hoping that their innocence can be pronounced," he argued.

Chuck said that timelines must be established for the disposal of cases to ensure efficiency in the justice system and also protect the rights of Jamaicans.

"I hope in another year, we can say 'no case over four years' and that we can try to get down to as close as two or one year as possible. We must get cases tried and completed within a reasonable time," he said.

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