Raw sewage floods homes, leaves residents sick

March 22, 2016
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer Walking around in this yard has become located at North Street, Kingston, is a difficult task.
Norman Grindley/Chief Photograper. This pool of raw sewage has become a permanent feature in a yard along North Street, Kingston.

Raw sewage has made its way from a manhole on North Street in Kingston into nearby homes, making life for the inhabitants a living hell.

The refuse has been, for many years, an unwelcome visitor in some homes, popping up in baths, toilets and even kitchens. Smelly water-carried waste have made its own pool in at least one yard.

"No representative has come forward ... . From 2002 mi live ya so and it a go more than that. See it deh all in mi house, mi bathroom and kitchen," said 53-year-old Richard Mullings.

"An old lady weh live right ya so, she nuh deh deh now, cause a doctor she gone. This sick we off," Mullings added.

Another resident, Karen Watson, told The STAR that her feet are now sore because of the unsanitary conditions in which she lives. She said she has had to send away her grandchildren to prevent them becoming infected.

"This can't nice, a last week Wednesday mi go doctor ... . Mi deh ya and mi head a kill me ... . We can't tek it no more," Watson said.

Yesterday, the residents got the authorities' attention. However, it was not the department they wanted to see. Instead of the health and water authorities, it was the police who arrived on the scene and they had stern words for the residents, who have resorted to using old refrigerators to block a section of the roadway.


The police told the citizens that they have been called too many times to remove the blockage, which has been obstructing vehicular traffic, reducing it to a single lane.

"Would you live in there?" one woman, who said she could not walk in her yard because of the raw sewage, asked the police team.

"I am sure unuh can use fi unuh toilet at your yard," she yelled.

Central Kingston Member of Parliament Ronald Thwaites described the situation as terrible.

"I sympathise with their plight," he told The STAR.

Thwaites said he has been in contact with Mark Barnett, the president of the National Water Commission, who has given his assurance that he will be visiting the area to meet with the residents. The MP also said that work which was recently carried out on the main sewer line on North Street has lead to a worsening of the problem.

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