Sav-la-Mar transport centre entrance disturbs residents

March 24, 2016
The drain at the entrance of the bus park in Sav (Photo/Facebook)

Residents of Savanna-la-Mar and surrounding areas are on a Facebook campaign to have the entrance to their Transport Centre taken care of. The centre which is the town's main bus park is usually busy with persons traveling back and forth, vendors and students.

A number of pictures have been circulating on social media showing the deplorable state of the entrance of the bus park.

"This needs to be addressed immediately and avoid a health risk in Savanna La Mar, The Sav Transport center entrance is in a bad state due to this body of dirty water due to the lack of drain management , it needs urgent attention !!!!! Central or local authority we are calling on you all..." one post read.

The STAR understands that this is not new as the entrance has been that way for some time. However, residents are now saying, enough is enough. 

"Long, long time ting everyday mi come out a taxi going to work it hurt mi man," one person commented.

"Yes man need fi address. Di taxi man dem afto pay everyday to go in the park but the authorities don't see to sort this out," another said.

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