20-yr-old arrested, gun and ammo seized


March 26, 2016

The Kingston Central police on Thursday rid the streets of Downtown, Kingston of an illegal firearm.

On Thursday night, 20-year-old Omario Reid, was arrested in connection with the seizure of a Taurus Revolver containing 16 live rounds of ammunition.

He is schedule to appear in the Corporate Area Gun Court on April 1.

new strategy

Commander for the Kingston Central Police division, Superintendent Michael Scott, said the recovery of the firearm is part of a new strategy dubbed Operation Tidal Wave' which was launched by the Commissioner of Police, Dr Carl Williams last year.

"We are targeting gunmen and volatile areas... As we speak, a team is out on Pechon Street, where we removed a cook house from the sidewalk, creating free passage for the public. We will be going to other areas were we will use same approach to maintain calm during the period," Scott said.

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