Above Rocks police treat residents

March 30, 2016
Rasbert Turner Photo These kids were lined up to get their share of the festivities at the Above Rocks Police and Community Health Fair on Thursday.
Rasbert Turner Photo Persons who attended the health fair also got their teeth cleaned.
Rasbert Turner Photo Female cop, Tamara Beharie, was having a grand time as she played with the children on the bounceabout.
Rasbert Turner Photo Free eye checks were also offered at the fair.
Rasbert Turner Photo Sergeant Horace Hunt was all smiles while posing with Deslyn Neunie, Director of University of Technology Dental Outreach Programme.
Rasbert Turner Photo Deslyn Neunie, Director of University of Technology Dental Outreach Programme, gives the kids toothbrushes.

The Above Rocks police in St Catherine have given back to the community in the form of a family fun day and health fair.

When THE STAR visited the Above Rocks Police Station last week, scores of persons converged at the location to get their share of the treats. After paying the $100 registration fee, persons had the opportunity to do oral examinations, blood pressure and eye tests. Children who attended the event also got to partake in various rides and even enjoy a few sweet treats.

The occasion also saw police personnel playing with children in the bounce-a-bout, while others took time to meet and greet.


According to Sergeant Horace Hunt from the Above Rocks Police Station, the aim of the event was to foster a closer relationship between the police and the community.

"We need to get the trust of the citizens that we serve. These activities were planned and it is very pleasing to see the turnout," he said.

"We are having the health fair and fun day because we intend to make life easier for all to co-exist harmoniously."

And the residents who benefited from the event were also pleased.

"We are very thankful for the consideration of the police in bridging the trust gap," Natalie Thomas, a resident, said.

Another resident, Sherene Simms, added, "The police are showing that working with the people is the way forward. This is a great step."

As for Deslyn Neunie, director of the University of Technology Dental Outreach Programme, partnering with the police and offering her services was a fruitful collaboration based on the number of persons who received treatment.

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