Roll back PPV franchise fees

April 01, 2016
File Egerton Newman

Operators of public passenger vehicles want the Government to cut the Jamaican Urban Transit Company franchise fees by 50 per cent, arguing that they cannot pay the current fees.

Chairman of the Transport Operators Development Sustainable Service, Egeton Newman, said the cost is exorbitant.

Operators of most Coaster buses are required to pay $804,000 in franchise fees annually, while operators of Hiace buses pay $360,000 annually.

In addition, he says he would like operators to be given the chance to make payments in three instalments instead of two as now obtains.

He is also asking for a 30-day extension for operators to secure road licence.

Meanwhile, some operators complained of waiting for hours for renewal of their road licences at the Transport Authority's Lakes Pen, St Catherine, facility.

But the Authority said operators waited until the last minute and put pressure on the system.

The Authority said it began examinations of public passenger vehicles at all its facilities two months earlier on January 11 to facilitate timely submission of road licence applications on or before the March 31 deadline.

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