TESHA MILLER TARGETED ...Lawyer worry for reputed Clansman boss

April 02, 2016
Tesha Miller

... Lawyer is worried for reputed Clansman boss

Prominent lawyer Bert Samuels, who is the attorney for alleged Clansman leader, Tesha Miller, says he is concerned about the safety of his client.

"Having worked so hard to free him of the charges brought against him, I wouldn't want to lose my client," Samuels told THE STAR yesterday.

Miller was deported from the United States on Thursday after being jailed there for illegal entry.

Samuels said that in the days leading up to Miller's return, the police have done certain things that have caused him to be concerned.

"The police went and seized vehicles belonging to his mother and brother. These motor vehicles were in parked positions at premises. They did not commit any traffic offence, or were any reasons given for their removal. It's been over a week now and they have not been returned," he said.

later quashed

Despite being infamous, the authorities have never proven any crime against Miller. In 2009, Miller was freed of the April 2007 murder of Robert Haughton along St John's Road in Spanish Town. He was also found not guilty for the January 2005 murder of Orane Jackson, Jeffery Johnson, and Nicole Allen at Cresser Lane in Braeton, St Catherine.

Samuels said a civil suit against the State, arising out of his conviction that was later quashed, will commence in September.

Since news of Miller's return, tension has been high in Spanish Town with speculation that people loyal to Miller will now seek to avenge the murder of his sister and brother, who were killed in 2011 and 2015, respectively.

But now several residents of Spanish Town, St Catherine, say they fear an increase in violence with the return of the alleged Clansman leader.

opposing factions

Residents told THE STAR that shortly after Miller was jailed, his brother and another member of the gang were in an internal war for leadership.

This, they say, led to several gun fights between the opposing factions in Spanish Town and surrounding communities.

It is said that the dispute resulted in Miller's brother being killed by gunmen.

"Memba say nuff a di man dem still have respec' fi him and waan see him back as the head a di gang," one resident told THE STAR.

"Mi not so sure if the rest a man dem a go want give him back that position and a deh so it a go get wicked."

When asked if Miller's return would inflame tension in Spanish Town, Samuels told THE STAR that his client was leaving the investigation into the deaths of his family members in the hands of investigators.

But the St Catherine North police quickly threw aside the residents' fears. "Many things have changed since he left, so we hope that he will be mature to adjust," said a senior officer.

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