Manhood bitten off in rage

April 05, 2016

The manhood of a school administrator was severed in a bizarre incident which took place in Portmore, St Catherine.

Senior police investigators are scheduled to collect a statement from the victim today.

Medical personnel yesterday told The STAR that the injured man was rushed to the Spanish Town Hospital, and then later transferred to another hospital for specialised treatment.

Information reaching The STAR is that police rescued the administrator after he was found along the roadway outside a popular restaurant and lounge located in Portmore, bleeding profusely from his private area.

The STAR understands that another male, who was in the company of the administrator, may have bitten him causing the injury. Investigators said that the man, who is now being sought for questioning, left the scene in a fit of rage, taking with him a motor vehicle, which allegedly belongs to the administrator.

That motor vehicle was reportedly left abandoned at the Bayside roundabout in Portmore, St Catherine.

The STAR contacted the school to which the administrator is assigned and was told that he was not available. No timeline was given for his return.

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